Ashford International
Euro-Tunnel Landmark
Located just outside the International Euro-Tunnel Station the new landmark building offer the traveller and the user a point of referral and a welcome to people approaching the station from either side of the Channel.

The tower of 35 storeys is subdivided in four critical volumes; vertically in three slices with very strong and define functions, one tower for commercial use, one for residential and one for hotel accommodation in order to provide facilities for travellers who will use Ashford as a focal point for meetings, conferences and entertainments. At the ground and first floor level the building provide a variety of retails and commercial and restaurants facilities including a shopping centre with relative parking.

Externally, a manicured landscape will provide open space facilities with amenities that range from water features, pool, piazza with shops and catering facilities.

The building will provide an iconic focal point and will regenerate an area not only for the local people to appreciate but also for everyone who will have the opportunity to stay and experience our building from inside and out.